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Therapist/Social Worker (LMSW)

I am a Mother, licensed clinical therapist, energy healer, and community organizer rooted in healing justice principles.  have a MSW degree concentrated in both Mental Health and Community Organization. My clinical approach conceptualizes 'mental health treatment' as a form of activism within a society designed to keep folks traumatized, oppressed and disconnected. Our current mental health framework makes individuals feel like they are the “problem” with little to no focus on systemic issues.  I believe each of us possess inherent strengths and gifts and aim to explore those deeply with you in a space where you feel safe and accepted for exactly who you are.  

I have social work experience inside an inpatient Psychiatric hospital setting, multiple Wayne County Community Mental Health settings, as a re-entry case manager assisting folks transitioning from prison back into their communities, as a medical advocate inside Wayne County Jails, and as a Clinician within a Detroit homeless shelter.  All of these spaces must be decolonized or abolished for true healing to occur. I believe strongly in collective healing, ancestral healing, creative and community work as keys to achieving balance and wellness.  I believe that we chose to be here at this exact moment in history, and feel a deep commitment and responsibility to organize and build new systems.


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