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Princess Brown

Nurse (RN)

RN/Facilitator of Healing

Princess is a Holistic Nurse coach with an integrative outlook on healthcare far exceeding today's “dis-ease” oriented, medical industrial complex.  Princess is also a Case manager, advocating for and with patients regarding healthcare concerns. Cannabis consulting is another service Princess offers. “Learn ‘em before you burn ‘em” is the motto Princess suggests to those with questions regarding risks/benefits, strains and thangz, alternatives to smoking, medication interactions, and more.

Princess affirms the benefits of allopathic medicine and strongly endorses weaving Eastern and Western medicine practices for the best overall health. Princess is a new Holy Fire® III Reiki practitioner and is excited to include this Biofield healing.

Based on the science of Psychoneuroimmunology and epigenetics, Princess focuses on trauma healing and stress reduction to help community members expand their consciousness through health.

As a passionate, relationship-centered advocate, Princess strives to transform the healthcare culture through awareness, education, innovation, research, and integrative nurse coaching. 

Princess Brown
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