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Julie Weatherhead


Julie is an Arab American, licensed professional community counselor/healer, whose focus is love and accountability, and grief. Her brother died suddenly and traumatically at the age of 13 presenting her with the life long task of growing through and understanding grief at a young age. 

Grief is oftentimes a deep, and sometimes traumatizing, life event.

Julie is here to support you in understanding and experiencing:

What does my grief look like? 

  • How do I make space for grief?

  • How do I understand what feels supportive in my grief? 

  • How do I make space for and practice joy/healing? 

  • How do I let others know when I'm grieving?

  • How do I ask for the support I desire? 

  • What could my relationship to my person/place/thing I'm grieving look like in the future? 

Julie is a healer who focuses on centering how we love and be accountable to ourselves first, and then the world around us. She is here to support that journey- with providing listening, reflecting, love and accountability to her clients.

Julie Weatherhead
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