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Wellness for Detroiters

Our cooperative of healing practitioners operates outside of the medical industrial complex to address the spectrum of wellness needs of our communities.

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Motor City Mobile Wellness is creating an alternative network of care in Detroit, providing individual and community healing support that combines compassion and expertise for safer responses apart from the carceral system.

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Schedule a consult

"Unsure of what offerings will serve you best? Schedule a call with one of our members $15 for 15 minutes

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Network of Care

Our wellness response team is comprised of a diverse network of healers with their own offers.

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Book your session

Book a session with our energy healers, licensed therapists, herbalist, etc

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Practioner and their patient doing a reiki session

Future Plans

After our launch phase, we will be inviting more practitioners and harm disrupters to join the co-operative and building out a system to dispatch folks for rapid-response calls.

These may include deescalation of domestic disputes, mental health crises, and non-life-threatening medical transports.  We are currently fundraising to purchase an actual vehicle for the crisis response vision.  Upcoming training intended for co-op members/community so far will include: Auricular Acupuncture (Spring 2023), De-escalation, CPR/First Aid, and Nonviolent Crisis Intervention

Sliding Scale Rates

MCMW uses a tiered model of pricing based on self-identified ability to pay. We believe that affordable holistic care is a part of co-creating collective wellbeing.

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this base rate option helps to make our offerings accessible to Detroiters unable to afford the standard $100/hr practitioner pay rate.




this sliding scale option helps to make our offerings more affordable to Detroiters just short of the standard $100/hr practitioner pay rate. 




This option allows Detroiters to cover the standard $100/hr practitioner pay rate plus contribute to administrative costs.




This option helps to sustain the dream of offering sliding scale holistic care for Detroiters.

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Meet the Cooperative

Healing Justice. Safety. Compassion.

Our Mission

Creating a mobile healing space that meets Detroiters where they are, increasing access to holistic wellness services, practices, and resources.

-Rachel Thompson and Amanda Hill NPR Interview.

Motor City Mobile Wellness & Amanda LeClaire
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